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An electric shower is like a kettle. It heats up water instantaneously and has various components to ensure that the temperature never gets to hot to prevent scalding

The Thermal Cot Out (TCO) is a fail safe mechanism to ensure that the water temperature never exceeds a safe value.

The heat exchanger in an electric shower heats up the water. Usually there are two elements and that is why you see two settings on the front. In very warm weather, one can select just one element to avoid the water getting too hot and cutting out.

The heat exchanger can scale up and the result is that there is rapid overheating causing the TCO to cut out. This gives rise to the hot-cold cycling because once the temperature drops the TCO closes to allow electricity through. Or the scaling can cause insufficent heat to pass into the water and the water never gets hot enough. As this is the most expensive part of the shower, replacement is not economically viable. A new shower with a new two year guarantee is better value

The soleniod lets water flow in. If it is faulty then you can have a dripping shower head as it is effectively like dripping tap.

Microswitches when pressed switch on a circuit. When you turn the dial to use a setting, one or more microswitches will be pressed allowing current to flow. If the microswitch is faulty then the shower will flow but will not get hot.

An electric shower needs a minimum water pressure to work. If the pressure is lower than 1 Bar, then a switch is not turned on and the shower will not work.

Electric showers need mains water pressure and not water from a loft tank. Where water pressure is low and not caused by plumbing issues, one can use a water booster pump on the mains feed. Otherwise a power shower that blends and boosts hot and cold water from loft tanks and hot water cylinder is needed.

When determining why your shower is not working, a symptomatic diagnostic can usually determine the fault but if the shower does not start it could be faulty solenoid (water is not allowed in), a faulty on/off switch, or a bad connection on the isolator switch in/outside the bathroom not sending electricity to the electric shower.

We carry out all aspects of plumbing:

  • New hot water cylinders
  • Full bathroom installations
  • New cold water tanks
  • Full central heating systems
  • Megaflows
  • Pumps
  • Fix and install Saniflos and Macerators

All quotes are free.

Toilets and Taps are our most common jobs:

  • Dripping taps
  • Outside taps
  • Toilet won't flush
  • Washing machine installations
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Toilet is noisy

We are able to attend emergencies.


Turn off the appliance at the isolator if it has one.

If you cannot isolate the appliance, locate the water stopcock in your house and turn off.

If you cannot find the stopcock in your house, try to find the one in the street.

Once the water is turned off, no water will enter your home.

If you have a combi boiler (instant hot water and no tanks in loft or airing cuboard) then all hot and cold will be off and any water in the heating system will drain out if the leak is in the heating system.

If you have tanks in the loft or a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard, run all hot and cold taps. This will emptty the tanks and stop any leaks form the old water storage system.


We are able to install, repair and replace all makes of Saniflo.


We are fully able to solve all types of drain bloblems