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Small Job On Time Same Day Plumbers Ltd

Small Job Plumber in Brighton and Hove

I love being a SMALL JOB PLUMBER!


For Saniflos, we are labour only but have an arrangement with a reputable supplier who can offer Saniflos at a unique discount to you.

SMALL JOBS - we specialise in all those small jobs you matter how small.

ON TIME - no waiting for plumber! We give time slots and keep you updated about arrival time.

SAME DAY - most jobs are done same/next day as we have a dedicated SAME DAY PLUMBER. Limited slots available.

CARD MACHINES - for your convenience all engineers have card machines. Cash accepted. Cheques as a last resort.

blue tick CHECKATRADE members for over 14 years with 1030+ reviews

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blue tick NO CALL OUT

blue tick Job not done til job done!


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We do not charge a call out fee. We are happy to give free quotes. In exceptional cases, where a fee may be charged to come out due to the exceptional nature of the job or time of day, this will be explained clearly by us in advance.


Our pricing system is to give fixed prices or a fixed price range. We do not charge by the hour. Prices will be given before starting work and must be agreed by you - no bottomless pit! so you can feel reassured whe you use our services.


We will not charge you unless we fix your plumbing problem. We take the risk, not you. NO FIX NO FEE NO RISK! We do not sell out time - we provide SOLUTIONS. We believe that this is a very important part of our service.


Job not done til job done! If we need to come back for any reason, we will not charge you for time or materials. You pay just the once no matter how many times we need to return. Peace of mind for you when you use our services.


A SAME DAY PLUMBER is a plumber who starts each day with little or no prebooked work and attends calls as they come in. Whilst we do many, if not most, of our jobs the SAME DAY, this depends on the number of calls we get on a particular day. We do offer and EMERGENCY SERVICE if a same day service is essential and we are have no more available slots.

Each of our engineers has a different percentage. Karl starts the day with no bookings or perhaps just one small job. Karl will probably have two hours of his day prebooked leaving 75% of his day free to respond to SAME DAY PLUMBING jobs.

Please bear in mind that to guarantee turning up we only have so many slots for SAME DAY work and as these jobs have not been seen combined with the uncertainty of plumbing work, we are lmitied in the number of jobs we can do the same day.

We tend to have our day booked by midday and calling at 3pm for a same day service is beyond our capacity. We believe this would constitute and EMERGENCY CALL OUT. We believe SAME DAY is a more of a mission statement rather than guarantee, which we do not offer nor advertise.

SAME DAY is a description of our style of working. It is not a guarantee of same day work as we offer NO CALL OUT and you are also not obliged to accept our services.

  • Repair dripping taps
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Heating repairs
  • Unblock wcs and sinks
  • Fix noisy toilets
  • Install taps, toilets and washing machines
  • Fix and install Saniflos and Macerators
  • Boiler repairs, installations and Landlord Certificates
  • Megaflos
  • Complete heating systems installed

Typical toilet repairs

Toilet does not flush - you press the handle down but no flushing occurs. You may have had to press down several times over the past few months until it eventually stopped working.

Toilet leak - from the inlet pipe, the soil pipe or between the cistern and pan. Sometimes the leak is continuous or just when you flush.

Toilet overflows externally or internally - sometimes this is intermittent and at other times it is conitnuous. There are a variety of reasons for this but most likely a faulty water inlet valve or poor seating on the syphon of push button type syphons.

Toilet does not shut off - water continues to flow into the cistern and then out via the overflow or back into the toilet. This is most likely a faulty water inlet valve or flush valve. The Flush Valve is what releases the water stored in the tank, closes the flow of water into the toilet and allows the tank to refill for the next use. It is the assembly that bolts to the bottom of the tank and includes the overflow pipe and the valve seat.

Typical tap repairs

Tap keeps dripping...this could be a defective washer or the inner valve is not closing correctly. Quarter leaver turn taps have ceramic discs that can get scratched and let water by. The inner valve needs to be replaced.

Faulty tap is very stiff to turn. This requires the tap valve to be serviced or replaced as it has become too stiff.

Need a new tap fitted or have your own tap to be installed then call us. Installing new taps is a very common job for me and I can fit yoru basin, bath or sink tap.

About Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove is the result of a number of historic local government reorganisations: Brighton was incorporated as a municipal borough in 1854, later becoming a county borough under the Local Government Act 1888; it covered the parish of Brighton and part of Preston;

Hove became a local board of health in the late 19th century, originally covering the parish of Hove;In 1893 the parish of Aldrington was added to Hove local board; Hove became incorporated as a municipal borough in 1898; Hangleton, Preston Rural and West Blatchington were added to Hove in 1928;Ovingdean, Patcham and Rottingdean were added to Brighton in 1928;Portslade-by-Sea was added to Hove in 1974 under the Local Government Act 1972. Both Brighton and Hove became non-metropolitan districts of East Sussex.

On 15 October 2004, Brighton and Hove was granted Fairtrade City status. From iconic tourist attractions to beachfront cool, Brighton and Hove is a treasure trove of things to do and places to go. Vibrant, colourful, fun and free, Brighton and Hove offers the energy of the city and freedom of the sea. It really is unique. From the stunning heritage of the Royal Pavilion, Regency architecture and Victorian aquariums to the seaside fun of Brighton Pier, the Brighton Wheel and the famous pebble beach, Brighton offers something for every walk of life.

What is a SMALL PLUMBING JOB and what does a SMALL JOB PLUMBER do?

Perceptions about what a small job plumber does vary from customer to customer. For some, changing taps, repairing toilets and stopping leaks are small plumbing jobs that a small job plumber does. For others, a half/full day job like putting in a new cold water tank or hot water cylinder is a small plumbing job. In general, a small job plumber will do all of these types of small plumbing jobs.

As small job plumbers, we view a small job as anything from 5 minutes to 2 hours. We do not confine ourselves to just doing small plumbing jobs. It is just the vast majority of plumbing jobs are small in our experience and customers have the idea that plumbers don't want to do small plumbing jobs. We love small plumbing jobs!

There are many small job plumbers in Brighton and Hove. We are proud to be one of these small job plumbers and we also incorporate the values of ON TIME and SAME DAY in our approach. That is why our business is called SMALL JOB ON TIME SAME DAY PLUMBERS which is based in Brighton and Hove.

Small Job On Time Same Day Plumbers Ltd
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Company Number: 9008346

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