Prices What We Charge

Approximate LABOUR PRICES for jobs we do day in day out and the exact price will depend on the nature of the job as determined by the engineer and excluding materials:

We are NOT VAT registered - SAVE 20%

Fixed pricing is used because the founder and owner detested hourly rate pricing. People do not really want to know the hourly rate - they want to know the hourly rate and time taken so they can work out what they will pay. This is effectively a fixed price.

We do not have a crystal ball so we do not know how long your job will take regardless if it appears standard. Plumbing can be fickle. We do know from years of experience what the average time for that type of job takes and including all the variables and unpredictables of plumbing, we have come up with average prices so no one customer gets that bottomless pit of a price. Over time it averages out and all customers absorb the risks and upredictability of plumbing jobs rather than you getting that nightmare job which you have to pay for by the hour.


Materials are charged at cost plus 25% in line with industry standards. This absorbs collection and handling as well as no cost replacement of materials within a one year guarantee period.

We accept cards, cash and online transfers. We accept cheques as a last resort.

We charge for a service not our time - a complete package of inspection & quoting, doing the work and after job service.

We do not like to charge by the hour. We do not sell our time - we sell our expertise, service and responsibility. A complete package - introduction, work and after job service. We are SOLUTION PROVIDERS.

We are quick workers and have never liked being on the clock. More of a 'job and finish' type of company. That is why we do not charge by the hour. We offer fixed prices/range and absorb the risk of it being a nightmare job and the gains of it being an easier one than usual. We like to think we factor in the risk across all customers and our price reflects not just this but part of what you pay us for is coming back if there any issues without extra charge and in a very timely and jovial manner.

Part of what you pay us for is that "the job is not done till the job is done!" That means any after job issue calls are answered promptly and a return visit is same day/next day at no extra cost. By offering a fixed price, you the customer are protected from a large bill for that 'nightmare job'. Jobs are averaged over all customers, some jobs go quicker, some longer than average but you have the security of a fixed price or fixed price range.

We often offer a fixed price range. We do this because we do not have a crystal ball and don't want to quote too low nor want too quote to high. By offering a fixed price range, there is the option to give a lower price if it goes smoothly but also the option to a higher price if it is more complex. Again, it averages out over all customers.

Based on averages for each type of job, we will quote a fixed price of fixed price range for a job that in not based soley on time but on many other factors.

Our mission is to provide a dedicated small plumbing job service that is done mostly the SAME DAY with a strong emphasis of being ON TIME. Customers have said they dislike having to 'wait around for plumber' when they could be using that time for other matters. By giving you a 1-2 hour slot (2 hours in exceptional ciurcumstance) with regular updates, you can go in to town, knowing that we will give you 45-60 minutes advance notice of arrival time - plenty of time to get back from being in town. Customers seem to value and want this.

We carry most common stock on our vans and you will not be charged for travel time to plumbing stores unless it is a non-standard item. Where an item is not standard, we will discuss with you the extra cost involved before proceeding.